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Toddler Plummets From 2nd-Story Window — Pregnant Passerby Arrives Just In Time!

Kyrie Jones standing in front of window where she caught toddler

There’s not much stronger than a mom on a mission!

At 33-weeks pregnant, it seems that Kyrie Jones’ parental instincts had already kicked in. It was a quiet May morning when the mom-to-be threw on a housecoat to take her dog for a walk around her Des Moines, Iowa neighborhood. She didn’t get far before she spotted something troublesome at the townhouse next to hers.

Her neighbor’s 2-year-old son was throwing things out of a second-story window. Concerned, Kyrie stopped to observe the scene, noticing that the child was leaning over the edge of the window and coming dangerously close to falling. She ran to the door and tried to alert an adult inside the home, but no one responded.

Kyrie knew she couldn’t just walk away. She quickly dialled 911 from her cell phone. To her horror, when she returned to the driveway, the little guy had fallen out and was hanging on to the ledge by his fingertips.

“I stood right underneath him just in case,” she recalled as she held back tears. “And I was screaming… The window was open, so I was hoping that someone might hear me.”

After a few agonizing moments, the child lost his grip on the window ledge and fell. Miraculously, Kyrie was in the perfect spot at the perfect time!

Kyrie managed to catch the boy just before he would have hit the concrete beneath her feet. She wrapped the frightened toddler in her housecoat until police arrived.

The boy’s mother eventually came out of the house, and police and social services are investigating why she left her child unattended. No charges have been filed to date, and Kyrie is just glad she was there at the right moment. She is haunted by thoughts of coming upon the scene even a few seconds too late.

“I am just glad I was there at the right time,” she said. “As long as the baby is safe, I am good.”

While this was undoubtedly a traumatic moment for this mom-to-be, it could have been so much worse. We’re grateful that Kyrie was there, and that she was able to be the angel this baby needed in this moment. Something tells us she’s going to be a terrific mother!

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