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Cop About To Ticket Car Sees Note Asking For “Pity”— So He Leaves Unexpected Reply.

Tens of thousands of people are killed in alcohol-related accidents each year, with statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showing 37,461 fatalities in 2016.

But over the summer of 2017, one intoxicated Wisconsin resident wisely decided to err on the side of caution and walk home rather than risk an accident. The only problem was, that resident had driven to the location where the drinking took place – and risked getting a parking ticket by leaving their car in the metered lot overnight.


And that’s where this story takes a heart-warming turn: This person decided to appeal to the parking officer’s better nature, and it worked!

Officer Jim Hellrod is a parking control officer with the Wausau Police Department. Back in June, he was just about to write out a parking citation when a note tucked beneath a windshield wiper caught his eye.


His response?


“Pity Granted, Just A Warningâ€

After word of the kindhearted officer’s action spread, another officer was asked for comment, and whether this was a situation that the department had previously encountered. No, he replied, it was pretty unique – but he appreciated the driver’s decision to walk instead of drive, considering the circumstances.

They “realized it may not have been a safe choice and risked a citation rather than risk their own safety,” Lt. Cord Buckner added.


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