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Toddler Has Family In Stitches With “Flawless” Vanishing Act.

We all understand that magic acts are simply an illusion. After all, no one literally gets sawed in half and put back together onstage or vanishes into thin air.

Still, there’s something so fun about trying to figure out how magicians execute an amazing trick. One of the secrets is creating a distraction… which just so happens to be the crucial step this silly toddler forgot about during a show she put on for her family in Fort Mill, South Carolina.


In a Facebook video, we can see the adorable tot getting everything ready in a doorway. As she stands there in her footie pajamas with nothing but a blanket, our anticipation begins to rise.

Then she lifts the blanket over her face, and counts one… back down, two… up and down, and then seven (the best part of this trick might just be jumping through time).

Suddenly, her blanket goes flying, and the mini Houdini is nowhere to be found!


The world could really use a new master magician, and it seems this little one is well on her way. We just can’t tell how she went from standing behind the blanket to appearing somewhere out of the room. Is it magic? An illusion? How did she do it?!

Her relatives are full of support for their talented toddler. “Where’d she go?” one of them cries as the rest clap and cheer.


By the huge grin on her face, it’s obvious she had a great time, and that’s the most important part of magic!

See if you can figure out her trick in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story with anyone who could use a dose of toddler magic.

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