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Adorable Baby Roams Airport, Then Turns To Unexpectedly Brighten Stranger’s Day.

A sweet video recently starting making it’s way around the internet featuring a little boy passing out free hugs at an airport in Bangkok. The little boy cannot be more than two years old, and yet he fearlessly walks up to several strangers waiting for their flight and gives them the most adorable little hugs.

In a world filled with so much fear and hate getting passed around daily, it is incredibly refreshing to watch a young child with no inhibitions just walk right up to someone and give them love.



The fact that his parents and/or guardian also felt comfortable to let their child interact with strangers is refreshing. It is important to teach our children to be safe and not put themselves in dangerous situations. However, at the same time, it is equally important to show them that it is okay to greet a total stranger with a smile… That might just be the very medicine they need to brighten up their day.


Just look at that sweet little smile! How could you not want a hug from him? Watching this boy give love so freely has inspired me to be more gracious with strangers and smile at everyone I come across.


Watch this video below to be inspired, and share!

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