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Mom Catches Toddler Hearing Violin For 1st Time And His Reaction Is Going Viral.

toddler violin

Music has the uncanny ability to transport us to another time and place.

The haunting melody produced by a violin is particularly moving for many music fans, and 11-month-old Thomas Accurso is no different. Thomas was at a toddler music class with his mother in New York City when he heard a violin’s song for the very first time, and now his adorable reaction is going viral.


Rachel Accurso is a musician herself, yet it wasn’t her own music that had her son so transfixed. Instead, it was violinist Laura Zaworski who brought her instrument to class in order to entertain the toddlers. As Laura stood in front of the group and began to play, Rachel recorded her son’s reaction on her phone. To say that he was riveted is an understatement!


Thomas can’t take his eyes off of Laura as she plays a sorrowful rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” After a few seconds of watching her play the little boy toddles forward to get a closer look. Laura seems amused by the baby’s rapt expression, and it’s hard not to say, “aw” when you look at his little face tilted up to stare at her fingers as they fly across the strings.


Seconds later Thomas feels the need to get even closer to the gorgeous sound, so he reaches out his chubby little arms and wraps them around Laura’s leg. She can’t help but crack up, but even with this added love she doesn’t miss a beat.

“He can’t talk yet, he can only say ‘dada,’ but he showed her in his own way that he really loved the music,” Rachel later explained.


Rachel was so moved by the sweet moment that she shared the video on her social media pages, where it quickly racked up almost three million views. People from all over the world could not get enough of this adorable little boy experiencing the joy of music for the first time.

“It was a beautiful moment of connection and joy when, in this world, we can feel so separate,” said Rachel. “I think music is an incredibly powerful force that can unite, inspire, and heal. People from all over the world, from all different backgrounds and religions, have written to us and told us how much the video’s touched them.”


“Thank you so much for all the incredibly kind comments about our sweet boy’s reaction to the violin. They made me cry!” Rachel tweeted. “We really appreciate all the love Yes, we will give him violin lessons when he’s old enough (& piano).”

This looks like the start of a beautiful relationship with music! Perhaps Thomas will follow in his mother’s footsteps and be a composer or artist someday. In the meantime, we hope this video inspires you to share an appreciation for music of all kinds with your kids. You never know if you might be raising the next Beethoven!

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