People Are Inspired To Learn CPR After Watching 2-Yr-Old’s Flawless Demonstration.

Studies have proven that performing CPR can greatly increase the chance of surviving a medical emergency. In spite of this fact, many people are hesitant to take the time to learn how to perform this simple, life-saving technique. In an effort to encourage more people to learn how to do CPR, California CPR instructor Chris Pietroforte has enlisted the help of a rather unlikely assistant: his tiny toddler daughter, Saige. Chris was a firefighter and EMT for 19 years. Now, he owns and operates Central Valley CPR in Tulare, California, and says that having Saige demonstrate the proper CPR technique has had a positive impact on his clientele. “I tell people all the time, if a 2-year-old can learn, why can’t you? So there’s no excuse for that," Chris said. Saige has sat in on dozens of her dad's CPR instructional classes, so when it's her turn to demonstrate how to use a defibrillator and perform the maneuvers, she manages to do it all on her own.
"She actually goes to all my classes when I teach and she demonstrates how to do it ... So she’s in there and I tell people that if they can’t outdo her, they won’t pass, and that’s actually happened a couple times. I had someone drop out of an EMT class because she outdid him and he was embarrassed and he left because he didn’t wanna be outdone by a 2-year-old."
During a short demonstration video that Chris uploaded to his Facebook page, we get a front-row seat to Saige's skills. She follows the automatic defibrillator instructions to the letter. Calling out, "Clear!" the tiny hero pushes the button to send an electronic shock to the heart of the dummy she's working on, quickly following that procedure with chest compression and rescue breaths. Chris has his daughter demonstrate in order to show how easy it is to learn CPR, pointing out that while adults tend to use the tune "Stayin' Alive" to perform the 100-120 beats per minute chest compression, any song with the same beat can be used for younger trainees. He even recommends the viral hit "Baby Shark" as a good option for teaching little ones. "My goal is to get as many people out there trained ... And the more people trained, the better it is out there for society." Saige is setting a great example for parents and children who might think they don't need to learn CPR. You never know when you'll be called upon to save someone's life, and the more know-how you've got in your tool kit, the better. Great job, Chris and Saige! Watch Saige practicing her CPR in the video below, and be sure to share to encourage everyone to take a CPR and First Aid class.
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