Toddler Steals Razor To “Look Like Dad” — Mom Sees Haircut & Bursts Out Laughing.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but we’re sure Dad’s going to have a hard time keeping a straight face when he sees what his young son just did to his hair. Or, more precisely, his crown.


Young Grayson apparently decided he wanted to look just like daddy, so he went to work with a buzzer, shaving off the golden locks at the top of his head in the shape of a circle. Creating the perfect bald spot. From the looks of the two little peg legs closest to his forehead, he was going to widen it, but Mom must’ve intervened just in time.

“Grayson, what did you just do?”she asks.



“Uh, I don’t … I don’t, I shave it, Mom. I shave it like Dad,”he admits, now refusing to look her in the eyes.


“Did you give yourself a haircut?”she asks, barely containing a full-out laugh. “Do you think it’s too short?â€


Then he shows her the top of his head. She can’t help but laugh.


“Do you think you were supposed to use Dad’s shaver?â€

“It was an accident.â€

Likely story, kid. Watch Grayson try to talk his way out of this one in the clip below, and share to spread laughs!

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