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15 Wholesome Photos That Will Give You All The Warm Fuzzies

We all know that words have power, and these two words pack a punch any time they are used. You guessed them: Thank you.

It feels good to be appreciated, and when we hear these words we can’t help but light up with joy. An online community knows the power of this expression of gratitude and shares photos that totally live up to its name: “Thanks, I love it!”

With around 18,000 followers, this community is on a mission to share wholesome photos that are sure to brighten anyone’s day. Here are a few that brought us instant smiles.

1. This is what determination looks like.

2. Their love knows no bounds, not even death.

3. This father-daughter duo melts our hearts.

4. We love this couple, too.

5. Apparently, swan hugs are the best.

6. When even your car can relate to how you’re feeling.

7. Three cheers for this creative solution.

8. Who doesn’t love the 80s? It was a classic time.

9. We appreciate this reminder to be bold no matter the task.

10. We love this lizard pretending to fly.

11. So much beauty lives within the natural world.

No matter where you look in the world, there’s almost always something to be grateful for! These superbly wholesome pictures prove it.

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