Strangers Help When Rude Man Bullies Grocery Worker With Down Syndrome.

what would you do down syndrome

No matter who you are or where you come from, you’re going to encounter moments in life that put you to the test.

Whether it’s a do-or-die situation or a scenario that tests your character, these moments teach you and those around you what you’re really made of. People in one New Jersey grocery store were put to one such test when they met a young man with Down syndrome. He was being ridiculed by a stranger while he was just doing his job…


The scene that played out between the irate customer and the employee would make anyone with a conscience sick to their stomach. The man continually berated the employee and mocked him for moving too slowly.


Needless to say, it was a horrifying sight. What customers didn’t know, however, was that this was all part of a show called “What Would You Do?”

The two men were actors, but shoppers weren’t aware of that.

Cameras captured the whole ordeal and in the footage, you can see who steps up to the plate to defend someone who’s being discriminated against. Much to your delight, you’ll see that it’s basically everyone.


Men and women alike rallied around the young man as he was bullied. “I’ve seen people victimized and picked on. There are always people who are going to bully other people, and when I see it, I have to speak out against it,” one woman said when she realized what was going on.

Another woman who watched the events unfold even threatened to call the cops to report the harassment. “He’s just trying to make a living, trying to get out and do something,” another customer continued. Yet another shopper even intervened, offering to help bag the groceries so that the employee would stop getting yelled at.


Then they tested what would happen if a woman did the bullying. Fortunately, they got the same result. A substitute teacher said, “That’s not the word we use anymore,” when the irate woman said the R-word.

“I work as a teacher and I try to be sensitive to someone’s needs,” she continued. “We all need to do that.”


The same teacher went on to coach the downtrodden man through the awful moment, ending the interaction with a sweet hug. There really is so much goodness in the world. This was all done to show the harassment and abuse people with Down syndrome face, and in the process, it proved that people really are full of love.


Be sure to watch the entire video and share these touching moments to remind everyone that we all deserve kindness and compassion.

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