Drunk Man Snatches 7-Yr-Old Girl In Broad Daylight, Then Brave Little Boy Chases Him Down.

We have shared some crazy stories with you before about kidnapping. Remember the teen boys who accidentally spotted a kidnapping while trying to check out a cute girl? How about this other pair of teen boys who saved a young toddler from her kidnapper’s car by mouthing “I see you?” As incredible as these rescues are, the story below may be the most chilling yet!


11-year-old TJ Smith was playing outside with some other children in their hometown of Wichita Falls, Texas one Saturday when disaster struck. Out of nowhere– and in broad daylight– a man swept in and snatched a little 7-year-old girl who was riding her scooter.

At first, TJ thought the man might be the girl’s uncle or other relative, but he felt something wasn’t right so he ran after them. And it’s a good thing he did.

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While he chased the man, TJ stopped at the home James Ware, a neighbor he knew. TJ told James what had happened before continuing in his pursuit of the assailant. James grabbed his keys and jumped in the car with his wife. The couple was unable to find the man and little girl at first, but then they saw TJ frantically pointing to an abandoned house.

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The man was in the backyard, trying to lift the young girl through a window into the house. James would never have seen the man or the girl if TJ hadn’t stayed close behind to point out their location.

In the nick of time, James tackled the man to the ground, pinning him down while his wife called 9-1-1 and soothed the frightened girl. Other neighbors joined the couple to help hold the kidnapper to the ground.

Police came to the scene and were able to take the assailant, Raeshawn Perez, into custody. Raeshawn later confessed he had planned to have sex with the child in the empty house… and he would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for one brave little boy.

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The Wichita Falls Police Department made TJ an Honorary Police Member and gave him a special badge. TJ proudly wore the badge to school the next day, saying he looks up to police officer and respects what they do.

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