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Tim Tebow Attends Prom As Date For Girl With Special Needs, Then Surprises Thousands With Valentine’s Day To Remember.

tim tebow escorting girl in white dress

Tim Tebow has always made a habit of being a light to those around him. Whether it was his public display of faith on the field or graciousness toward his critics, he moves in grace and compassion. Early in 2015, Tebow started an event called Night To Shine that has since swept the nation like wildfire. The event honors people with special needs and gives them the prom they may never have had.

Every guest of Night to Shine enters this complimentary event on a red carpet to a cheering crowd and friendly paparazzi. Once inside, guests receive the royal treatment including hair and makeup stations, shoe shining stations, corsages and boutonnieres, a karaoke room and, of course, dancing!

Tim Tebow Foundation

The highlight of the night comes when every single one of the Night to Shine guests is crowned as a king or queen of the prom.

Tim Tebow Foundation

For Tebow, the phenomenal growth of the Night To Shine movement has been gratifying. The night is all about showing love for his brothers and sisters, because that’s what love does.

Tim Tebow Foundation

This year on Valentine’s day, 375 different churches at home and 11 countries abroad will open their doors and roll out the red carpet for these sweet and incredible people that truly deserve it.

Tim Tebow Foundation

Tebow is so happy his cause has spread as far as it has, “I’ve been blown away by the incredible growth of the Night to Shine movement,”he said. “It is so awesome to see what happens when churches around the world set aside their individual banners and names to do what I believe the church was called to do, which is simply love God and love people.â€

Preach it Tim. This world will be a much better place the moment we start loving one another.

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