Tiny Puppy Meets Rescue Tortoise And It’s Love At 1st Sniff.

Most pet owners know you should exercise caution when you’re introducing a new animal to the family.

When Tilly G was first found by the Humane Society of Los Angeles, he was in pretty rough shape. The sulcata tortoise was underweight, had a cracked shell, and was diagnosed with a life-threatening respiratory infection. But once he was adopted, he began to thrive!

Tilly G now lives in a garden paradise in Santa Monica, California, with a menagerie of cat and dog companions. He’s put on 30 pounds and lives in his own little cedar house!

When Tilly G’s humans decided to add a puppy named Skippy to their household, they had the usual fears. Would everyone get along? Would the dog bark at the tortoise? Would Tilly G hiss or retreat into his shell?

Luckily, all of their worries went out the window the minute this odd couple met! Skippy went right up to the tortoise. They sniffed each other’s nose, and the next thing their parents knew, the two of them were inseparable!

As Skippy grows up, his bond with Tilly G only gets stronger. As soon as he wakes up each day, he rushes outside to greet his best friend.

His humans said the two animals are polar opposites in every way, but somehow they make it work.

Tilly G is very patient with his little brother, while Skippy is content to follow him around wherever he goes. As if that wasn’t cute enough, Skippy insists on eating whatever Tilly G is having, crawls into his little house with him, and even jumps into his kiddie pool for a swim. They have so much fun playing together!

Their human mama knows it’s unusual to see a friendship like theirs, but it’s further proof that love is not skin deep.

“Love is love, and it doesn’t matter who you are, or where you came from, or what your differences are,” she said. “And it probably sound really cheesy, but we really need that right now.”

We couldn’t agree more! These two unusual buddies make our hearts sing! They couldn’t care less that one of them has fur, while the other has a shell. It’s what’s inside that matters.

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