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15 Clingy Pets Who Love Riding Around On Their Human’s Shoulder

If there’s one thing we can always count on, it’s that the internet loves a good theme. Reddit users recently started sharing pictures of their pets riding around on their shoulders, and it didn’t take long for the trend to take off.

We’ve seen countless pictures of cats who crawled to the top of their human to plant a metaphorical flag, but what about all the other animals? Do they also enjoy riding shotgun on someone’s shoulder? Turns out, they do!

1. “Does a rottweiler puppy count?”

2. Raccoons enjoy a good shoulder snooze too.

3. “I see your shoulder cats; is it too late for a shoulder baby opossum?”

4. “I give you Azu, the shoulder snek.”

5. “Does shoulder duck make the cut?”

6. “I don’t have a cat, so I present my shoulder bun!”

7. “Heard you like shoulder cats. This is a… pygmy tree cat.”

8. “What about a mouse?”

9. “Shoulder animals seem to be pretty popular nowadays. So here’s a shoulder crow!”

10. “Do shoulder horses count? She’s always hanging her head over my neck waiting for scratches.”

11. “Does shoulder chicken make the cut?”

12. “Hopefully shoulder kittens count….”

13. “Do these count as shoulder animals?” (Of course they do!)

14. Just look at this adorable snoozing guinea pig! “He found my wife’s hood. I think he likes it.”

15. “I see your baby possums, duck, and cats on shoulders and raise you an albino ferret.”

These are delightful! We hope this shoulder pets trend keeps going on Reddit and beyond. After all, we could look at pictures of these adorable furry friends all day long!

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