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Huh? 15 Photos Without Context That’ll Make You Scratch Your Head

a two-photo collage. the first is of a police officer wearing a face mask standing outside of someone's vehicle that he pulled over. a goose stands next to him and is looking up at the open car window. the second is of a door in the middle of a wall, above a staircase, with seemingly no way to enter it.

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words but… these photos leave us with more questions than answers.

That’s what @ConfusingImages on Twitter is all about – sharing images that require far more context than is given. This may not sound like a good thing but, it turns out, not understanding what’s going on in silly photos is quite fun! Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite puzzling yet hilarious images from their account below.

1. We’ve heard of mountain goats, but tree goats are new to us!

2. Nothing to see here, folks!

3. What secrets lie behind this magical door?

4. What else could you possibly need for… lawn and garden care?

5. That’s worth at least one free drink.

6. A ball pit but make it balloons.

7. Why not play both?

8. We only have one question here: Where can we get one?

9. Sometimes you have to sacrifice convenience for a great view.

10. “Quick! They’re getting away!”

11. “Mooom! Daaaaad! Are we there yet?”

12. Goodnight, deer!

13. Officer Goose is new to the force, but she was born for the job.

14. This little guy quacks us up!

15. This is like seeing your teacher at the grocery store.

See what we mean? We may never get clarity on the circumstances of these wacky images but, if you ask us, that actually makes them all the better!

Don’t forget to share this list of odd photos to both puzzle and delight a friend.

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