Thoughtful Stranger Transforms 93-Yr-Old Woman’s Dirty Driveway For Free

Left image shows a business owner talking to a homeowner about free pressure washing. Right frames shows him washing the driveway.

Spencer B. is a 24-year-old from Wichita, Kansas. You have probably seen one of two of Spencer’s viral videos. Spencer owns SB Pressure Washing and SB Mowing. His videos chronicle his volunteer adventures around town, giving back to his neighborhood. He offers free pressure washing and free mowing in the evenings.

His introduction always starts the same. “Hi, my name is Spencer, and I own a pressure washing service. We were driving around the neighborhood. I noticed that your walkway and driveway are dirty. Would you like me to clean it up for you, free?”

Spencer from SB Pressure Washing discussing Free Pressure Washing with a homeowner.
Image from YouTube.

Today’s featured video is Spencer doing a free pressure washing for a 93-year-old woman. She answered her door in a fuzzy bathrobe. Spencer noted the dirt and buildup on her drive and explained how it can create slippery conditions when wet. When he asked if she would like it cleaned for free, her response was simple. “OK, I don’t care.” Her slight drawl was adorable. This is everyone’s perfect idea of a grandma.

She gives the go-ahead and Spencer gets busy.
Image from YouTube.

A Free Pressure Washing Job Well Done

Spencer wastes no time. He starts with the sidewalk leading away from the porch. The difference is amazing and immediately noticeable!

The Free Pressure Washing job begins with the sidewalk leading away from the porch.
Image from YouTube.

The short video shows a condensed version of the cleanup. Spencer also posts a longer version on his YouTube channel. Spencer leaves no detail undone. He even cleans up her landscaping blocks to neaten up the look of her flower beds!

Spencer even cleans the border block around the flower beds.
Image from YouTube.

When we say that Spencer cleans everything, we mean it. He even cleaned off the mailbox!

Cleaning the mailbox was also thrown in during the Free Pressure Washing.
Image from YouTube.

When he got to the driveway, Spencer pulled out the heavy-duty scrubber. You can see the difference before he rinses the dirt off. What a fantastic transformation!

Using the equipment to pressure wash the driveway.
Image from YouTube.

Finishing Up And Getting The Reaction

Part of Spencer’s charm is the absolute joy he gets when a homeowner comes out to view the result of his hard work. You can’t fake that. This young man loves helping people! While speaking with this homeowner, he found out she was 93! She was mowing her lawn until last year but now has a yard man. She was impressed with the difference.

Before image shows the driveway with all the dirt and buildup.
Image from YouTube.
After the Free Pressure Washing, the driveway is bright and welcoming!
Image from YouTube.

Offering his service for free pressure washing seems like it might be an ineffective business model. But Spencer has been mowing lawns since he was 12. He owns two companies, SB Mowing and SB Pressure Washing. His spirit of giving back is impressive. He does at least one free lawn or pressure-washing makeover every week, but often more.

We’re celebrating Spencer today. He shows us what being a hero looks like every day when he goes out and performs free pressure washing or free mowing services. If you like this article, please share. You can also head over to Spencer’s social media channels (he is on them all!) and give him a “like” or subscribe. You can watch the short version of this transformation below.

The full version below is 20 minutes long but shows more of the attention to detail that this fantastic hero puts into his free pressure washing.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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