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Talented Woman Uses New Pressure Washer To Turn Driveway Into Work Of Art.

Anyone who owns a home knows how helpful pressure washers are when it comes to freshening things up. Whether you hire someone to do the job for you or buy one and do it yourself, the end result is a squeaky-clean look.

Dianna Wood of Burlington, North Carolina took this process a step further when she received a pressure washer as a birthday gift from her husband. Instead of simply going over the driveway, she decided to get creative!

DL Wood

Clearly her husband is a great gift giver because Dianna loved her present. In fact, she quickly used it on every surface she could. She cleaned the siding on her shop, the patio, and even their garbage cans!

Her next goal was their driveway, but she decided to have a little fun before really diving in. So she sprayed encouraging words like “love” onto the concrete. That’s when she had the wonderful idea to create something more intricate. Not long after, the path became a creative masterpiece!

DL Wood

She posted her pressure washer art on Facebook, writing, “No more for this crazy power washing woman. My trigger finger is numb, and I have gotten this all out of my system. Enjoy the photos.”

DL Wood

No one needed the encouragement! People quickly shared the awesome images, and they went viral!

DL Wood

According to Dianna, she doesn’t use a pressure washer for a living. Actually, this project was the first time she’s ever done anything like this. Although she’s pursued art since she was a kid, she hasn’t received formal training.

If she can manage all of this as a rough draft of sorts, we’d love to see the wonders she could create in the future!

DL Wood

The naturally gifted artist said she has loved brightening people’s days by sharing her gift with the world (although she could have skipped seeing herself on TV). We’re so glad she decided to share her pressure washing magic with everyone. Here’s hoping her driveway gets dirty again soon!

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