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Thoughtful Gift: Disabled Man Brings Neighbor Smoked Sausages And It’s Too Wholesome.

Image shows an older man being neighborly by bringing over some homemade sausages.

In Bismarck, North Dakota, two gentlemen celebrate a wonderful neighborly relationship. One man brings his neighbor delicious smoked sausages… What better neighborly relationship could you ask for? Dean is an elderly, disabled man. Jason Spang is in his mid-forties. The two have lived next door to each other for six years. When Jason describes Dean, he says, “I have never met a better person.”

We learned about the two neighbors when a video Jason shared started going viral. The video starts out with Dean standing on a front porch. He is holding a surprising amount of sausages. When the door is answered, he hands the sausages to the resident (Jason), telling him, “Here’s a little treat for you.”

Image shows an older man bringing his neighbor homemade sausages.
Image from TikTok.

The exchange continues, with Dean telling Jason that the sausages are homemade venison sausages he just got out of the smoker that day. While they’re talking, Dean says, “Thank you for being such a beautiful neighbor.”

While the video exchange is heartwarming, it is only a small sampling of how these two men help each other. Because of his disability, it is difficult for Dean to do his yard, so Jason does it for him! He also takes care of snow removal to keep Dean’s walkways safe. Jason states that he does whatever he can to help his neighbor out.

Image shows a TikTok comment that says, "Check on that man often. Even if its a hey how are ya. He waited all day to talk to ya"
One comment from one of Jason’s posts about Dean. Image from TikTok.

Dean’s house needs some repairs, and he is on a limited, fixed income. Neither of the neighbors has the amount necessary to complete repairs, so Jason started a GoFundMe page for Dean. Jason describes his neighbor on the page, “You just don’t find people like this anymore. Dean is a true gem.” The page has raised well over the modest goal.  

When we see this sweet man bring his neighbor sausages, we think of how awesome it would be to have either of them as neighbors. Our world is built on people helping people; these two exemplify that with a living example! Watch the video and share it with your neighbors!


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