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9 Tearjerking Shaves Of Support For Cancer Patients

Image shows three panels of women getting their heads shaved. The left frame is a woman shaving during cancer treatment. The middle and right frames are women shaving in solidarity with cancer patients.

When cancer patients undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments, the process tends to thin their hair greatly. Experts in the field at the Mayo Clinic have prescribed some remedies. To reduce the itching and irritation of hair falling out, they recommend shaving. Shaving during cancer treatments serves multiple purposes.

As the hair falls out, the scalp can become itchy, and shaving during cancer treatment decreases the itch. Losing clumps of hair can be distressing. It is depressing to wake up each day to find bits of your hair falling out. Running your finger through your hair can dislodge clumps and be embarrassing. Shaving alleviates that completely. Hair does grow back, and starting with a clean slate of a shaven head aids new growth. One message is prevalent in the world of TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook — you are rarely alone if you find yourself shaving during cancer treatment. Lately, there has been a trend of “solidarity shaves.”

My Own Story Began In 2009

In 2009, my friend’s mother was undergoing cancer treatment. She was hesitant to get her head shaved. I went to my local Great Clips and had them sheer off my then shoulderblade-length hair. Yes, of course, it was donated. Then, I sent pictures to my friend to help encourage her mom. I didn’t realize that “solidarity shaves” were a thing — I didn’t want my friend’s mom to feel alone.

Since then, I have shaved my head in June almost every year. I continue the practice to support women dealing with hair loss for any reason. Although I missed the COVID years, I did give myself COVID cuts, so maybe that counts. I don’t share my story to boost myself. I share to let those women who might feel alone know that they are never alone. In 2014, while camping, one of the children felt bad because I had no hair, so he blessed me with a crown. I wore it proudly!

Shaving during cancer treatments helps patients. Image shows the author with a shaved head because she shaves almost yearly in support of women with hair loss.
Image supplied by the author. Used with permission.

1. Barber Joins His Customer By Shaving

This barber, watching his client sob, joined in the cleanly-shaven look.

    2. Another Barber, More Tears, Less Hair

    You can see this young man checking on his customer while shaving her head. He is very gentle while being quick and efficient. But wait… there’s more. His shopmates notice what is happening, and you won’t believe what they do next!

    3. A Compilation Video Showing A Lot Of Support For People Shaving During Cancer

    This compilation shows a variety of customers shaving during cancer and the solidarity from multiple barbers. These folks are truly phenomenal.

    4. A Selfless Act For His Sister

    This man is cutting his hair off to help his sister. He compliments her styling appearance, which is something we should all do when we see a woman rocking a shaved head.

    5. Head Shaving Parties Are Happening Too!

    This high school athlete diagnosed with leukemia invited all his friends over to watch him shave his head during cancer treatments. The football team showed up and left without hair. What an awesome display of team-building support!

    6. St. Baldric’s Foundation Head Shaving Party To Support Pediatric Cancer Patients

    This charity event saw law enforcement officers, college athletes, grandmothers, and young girls getting their heads shaved. Many of the shaves were accomplished by pediatric cancer patients! One young lady talked about why she supports this effort, “Well, hair grows back.”

    7. U.C. Davis Fundraiser To Support Childhood Cancer Research

    Charity events are popping up everywhere. It’s only hair, but it means so much to a person forced to shave during cancer treatment.

    8. Shaving For Her 16-Year-Old Brother

    This mom shaved for her younger brother after his leukemia diagnosis.

    9. Cassidy Howard Held A Fundraiser With Her Family And Friends

    This young girl lost her locks to promote cancer awareness and raised more than $1,800!

    There are many more examples we could offer where people are shaving in solidarity with cancer patients. If you have to shave during cancer treatment, know that you are not alone. There are people every day willing to stand beside you and rock the cue ball look!

    You can find the source of this story’s featured image here, here, and here.

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