This Woman Thought Her Phone Was Lost To The Ocean… Until A Beluga Showed Up!

Beluga whales are known for being extremely vocal, friendly mammals, but we didn’t realize they were so considerate!

A group of friends found this out firsthand when one of them dropped their phone into the sea. They began to panic and, understandably, thought that there was no way they were ever getting that phone back. Then suddenly, from the depths of the sea, a large, white creature began making his way toward them.

Once it became clear that the creature was a beluga whale, it also became clear why he decided to visit: He was there to return the phone! All of the women began to cheer and scream with excitement as he slowly approached, phone in mouth. One of the women carefully reached her hand into the water to make the exchange, and with that, she had her phone once more! This courteous sea creature didn’t stay around much longer after that, but they seemed pretty proud of themselves.

Watch the over-whale-mingly exciting exchange below, and don’t forget to share.

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