Thrift Shopper Thinks She’s Found A Rare Fur Hat… Until It Starts Moving.

Thrift shoppers, take note! When you see something furry in a New York City thrift store, think twice before snatching it up!

TikToker @thethriftymama was browsing a shop in Manhattan when she saw orange fur perched on the top of a clothing rack. Thinking it was a vintage 1950s-era fur hat, she eagerly reached up to snag the rare item, but there was one small problem. It wasn’t a hat at all. In fact, it was a living, breathing, purring orange cat!

“I swear my heart jumped into my throat,” she admitted.

Once she realized the cat was not a hat, she learned that it’s the resident shop cat. A quick glance through Instagram and Google reviews revealed lots of posts featuring the orange kitty – he’s practically a famous NYC landmark at this point!

She didn’t get a fur hat, but she got something even cooler – a great story to tell! Watch the video below to see the shop kitty posing as a hat, and don’t forget to share.

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