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This Unconventional Baker Doesn’t Just Sell His Bread — He Hides It Around Town!

This baker leaves his bread in a cabinet for customers to find.

New York baker Chase Harnett likes to bake his sourdough loaves the old-fashioned way. However, when it comes to selling his wares, his methods are anything but conventional! Chase is known throughout his community for his Sunday Scavenger Hunt a weekly event during which he places a cabinet full of bread somewhere in town. Once he’s chosen a location, he posts it online for his loyal customer base to find.

Chase’s unique operation is first-come, first-served. Once the cabinet is empty, he doesn’t refill it until the following Sunday. Rather than charge a specific price for his artisan loaves, the self-professed “village baker” allows his customers to pay whatever they think is fair. Locals love hitting up this traveling business!

“Flour, water, salt,” Chase told NBC News when asked about his three-ingredient recipe for sourdough. “And the most expensive ingredient of all is time,” he added, referring to his three-day long baking process.

For those unable to secure themselves one of Chase’s delicious bakes on Sunday morning, the baker has the next best option. His business, The Hudson Oven, sells DIY bake mixes so that customers can try their hand at cookies, pizza crust, and even the famous sourdough!

Chase has had an unusual career path, to say the least. According to New York Magazine, he started out as a fashion model! However, he quickly developed a distaste for the business.


Its called baker chic, ok? From Milan Fashion weeks to living the dream as a baker. Do what you love. This runway clip is from Iceberg Mens 2012-13. Buy some bricks and be a baker will ya. #baker #bread #maker #sourdough #strut #dowhatyoulove

♬ original sound – Chase – Head Baker

“It was a very competitive industry, and I began to strongly dislike the casting calls,” he said.

Instead of pursuing a life on the runway, the baker decided to use his earnings to fund his other great love: breadmaking. Now, NBC News tells us that Chase plans to open up a brick-and-mortar location for his baked goods this fall, thanks to the overwhelming support of his Sourdough Scavenger Hunt clientele!

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