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This Texas Cat Burglar Is Literally A Cat, And He’s Stealing His Neighbors’ Stuff!

A neighborhood cat has been stealing things!

Residents in Katy, Texas, have been the victims of an unusual crime spree. However, they’re not in a hurry to convict the culprit; as a matter of fact, they think it’s funny! That’s because the thief is a local cat named Cleo, who happens to have a penchant for climbing into other people’s homes and taking things. Jeanne Wheat, the cat’s owner, says that she’s been trying to break him of the bad habit to no avail. She has also admitted that some of the stolen items, including pair of shapewear, “are kind of pricey,” according to KHOU.

Vets don’t think Cleo is stealing just for the thrill of it — they believe he has an attachment to fabrics and other types of soft materials. To make it up to her neighbors, Jeanne has been collecting Cleo’s spoils (mostly clothing), washing them, and leaving them outside her home to be retrieved. KENS 5 tells us she’s also put up a sign that says, “Please look through his loot and recover your stuff. He has no remorse, but I apologize on his behalf.”

Watch the video below to learn more about Cleo and his hilarious hobby!

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