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Lumber, Bolts, And… A Cat? This Home Depot Has An Adorable 4-Legged Employee!

This cat is famous for living in a Home Depot.

If you ever walk into a Home Depot in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, you might get a glimpse of an internet celebrity! A cat named Leo has been living in the hardware store since 2022, and he’s become a TikTok sensation. The cat found both a friend and photographer in customer Jeffrey Simpkins, who is himself a “cat dad” to two kitties. Jeffrey is largely responsible for Leo’s fame, since he’s been posting videos of the feline on his own TikTok account.

Although Leo is allowed to wander the store, he’s far from on his own. This cat technically belongs to several Home Depot employees who all take turns feeding and caring for him. Plus, plenty of customers come to the store just to visit Leo, often bringing him treats.

“Customers come in the store every five minutes looking for him,” said store manager John Vazquez, according to Philadelphia Magazine.

Before moving into his new space, Leo was a barn cat. John believes that Home Depot is the perfect environment for the feline, offering him both shelter and freedom.

“He was used to living in large environments, outside at times, and being in a home wasn’t really going to work for him,” John said. “He was a skinny little thing when he came in.”

The store manager added that Leo has the perfect personality for a store cat.

“He’s very outgoing,” the manager said. “He likes people — he almost wants to show off for people when they’re around. He’s just one of a kind.”

Jeffrey explained to ABC 7 News that Leo has a special personality that makes him very popular both online and in person.

“He’s friendly, he wears clothing unlike other cats, and he has several places he sleeps at,” he said.


Resting your head on the cart doesn’t seem comfortable 🤷‍♂️😹@The Home Depot #catdad2020 #catsoftiktok #homedepot

♬ original sound – 🐱❤️Jeff (cat_dad_2020)❤️

Others have also commented on Leo’s passion for fashion, which is well-documented on Jeffrey’s TikTok account.

“It’s my first time seeing him in person, and I really love that he wears shirts,” said customer Theo Lythberg before meeting the cat.

Watch the video below to see Leo rock a stripey top!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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