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This Seinfeld Dance Contest Hilariously Celebrates Elaine’s Unforgettable Moves.

elaine dance contest

Seinfeld may have ended over 20 years ago, but this beloved sitcom continues to capture the hearts of fans around the world. Among the many memorable moments from the show, one stands out in particular. Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character, Elaine Benes, and her iconic dancing skills (or lack thereof) have entertained countless fans. A quick highlight to refresh your memory:


Got the moves like Benes? Show us your elainedance. @Seinfeld is on Comedy Central weekdays at 4p/3c. #seinfeld

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Her quirky performance has become a comedic legacy. It’s even inspired an immeasurably hilarious event in her honor — the Elaine Dance Contest hosted by the Brooklyn Cyclones, a minor league baseball team in Coney Island.

Every year, the Brooklyn Cyclones dedicate a special Seinfeld Night to celebrate the sitcom’s enduring legacy. Among the various activities and events inspired by the show, the Elaine Dance Contest takes center stage as the most anticipated part of the evening.

Participants dress up in 90s-inspired outfits, emulating Elaine Benes’ fashion sense, and strive to recreate her quirky dance moves. The goal is simple — to capture the essence of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ performance and bring it to life on the dance floor.

elaine dance contest from seinfeld

As you might expect, the event’s festivities are filled with laughter, applause, and enthusiastic dance moves. However, like any good contest, only one participant can be crowned the winner and bestowed with the honor of being called “Elaine.” 

In a recent contest, Mary Notari emerged as the victor, dazzling the judges with her impeccable rendition of Elaine’s dance routine. Clad in an ensemble reminiscent of Elaine Benes’ office attire, Mary flawlessly executed the stilted movements, capturing the essence of the character and leaving the audience in awe.

elaine dance contest winner

This Seinfeld dance contest not only provides a platform for fans to showcase their love for the show, it also keeps the legacy of Seinfeld alive and thriving. It serves as a testament to the enduring impact of Elaine Benes’ character and Seinfeld’s influence on popular culture.

The contest is a celebration of the laughter and joy that Seinfeld has brought into our lives. As long as there are fans who continue to cherish the sitcom’s legacy, the Elaine Dance Contest will remain a tradition, keeping the spirit of Seinfeld alive for years to come. Check out the stupendous moves here:

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