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This Round Of Hide-And-Seek Hilariously Proves That Hiding In Plain Sight Is The Best Strategy, Watch


When this mother and her young son played a round of hide-and-seek, she took a classic approach to hiding—and it worked beautifully.

Kyleey Alexandra was playing the wholesome game with her child one day and happened to catch her smooth move on video.

In the now-viral clip, it was Kyleey’s turn to hide. So, she stood behind a long coat that was hanging from her closet door. The coat covered everything but her legs, but it was still obvious that she was standing right there.

When it was time for the little boy to seek, he came into the room and completely missed his mom’s legs. In a cartoonish move, he even opened the closet door to see if she was inside, so she shuffled her feet quietly to move with the door.

The boy then went into the bathroom. His mom called out, “Come find me.” So he went back into the room, but he still couldn’t find his mom. Finally, she ended the round of hide-and-seek by unveiling herself and laughing hysterically.

In the comments, Kyleey explained that she had hidden in the same spot “twice before,” and he didn’t find her. She thought it was hilarious, so she set up her phone, hoping to catch him falling for it again.

“I thought, ‘Right, I’m filming the next one because if he does it again, that’s ridiculous’- and he did,” she wrote.

Watchers have enjoyed the adorable moment as much as she has.

“He wouldn’t have found her if she didn’t come out, nice hideout spot, Mom 😍😍😍❤️❤️,” someone laughed under the video, which was shared on Instagram.

“Kid is so sweet,” someone else added.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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