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This Pampered Great Dane Proves We All Love To Spoil Our Pets!

Great Dane dog begging her "mom" for something from the freezer. spoiled pets.

Many of us have pets, and we spoil them incessantly. I have cats. My pretty lady Claire loves to wear fancy bandanas. She’ll pose obligingly with every new color. My adoringly goofy Crowley wears collars with little bowties, but he only likes dark green and blue. We know that sounds controversial, but when we put him in a pink one he refuses to pose nice for us. They both have several of each and they get changed out regularly.

Composite image showing the author's two spoiled pets (cats with two images of each). The two left images show a black, female cat wearing a blue bandana and a pink bandana. The right shows a dapper black, male cat wearing collars with bowties, one pink and one green.
Image supplied by the author.

We spoil our cats a lot. They get plenty of loving, special treats, and plenty of pets and ear scritches. Even when they jump up where they shouldn’t, we gently place them back on the floor with an admonishment about jumping about the stove. And, of course, the obligatory ear scritches and sweet murmurings. Because we totally don’t spoil our pets…

Whether you own cats, dogs, ferrets, hamsters, or even a tortoise, how much spoiling is too much? Does your pet rule your house? In the TikTok video below, you’ll see a frustrated pet owner who may have taken the spoiling a bit too far. This great Dane definitely rules the house. But, seriously, aren’t they worth it?

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