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This Mortician Is Saving Lives With Her Educational Videos For Parents.

Laurent the Mortician has important advice for parents.

A social media personality is using her platform to help parents keep their children from getting hurt. How does she know so much about safety? Besides being a mom herself, Lauren the Mortician has seen all types of deaths in her line of work. Over the years, she’s learned a thing or two about preventing fatal accidents!

In one of Lauren’s most popular video formats, she responds to posts that her fans have tagged her in — usually posts that feature a viral new product or activity for kids that looks suspiciously dangerous. Jokingly using an audio clip from the movie “Beetlejuice,” the mortician acts as though she’s been summoned by the comments to address the safety hazard.

In one video, for example, Lauren explains why the trendy mermaid tail from Shein could actually prove harmful. Although it might look cute, the mortician points out that it’s missing a crucial piece: a monofin to help kids propel themselves through the water. Without it, the product is essentially tying the child’s legs together — a recipe for disaster in any pool!

Lauren has also taken it upon herself to test some popular products to see if they’re as dangerous as they look. Sometimes, she’s been pleasantly surprised, like when she tried out Splash Zen. This bathtub water guard gave the TikToker a bad feeling, so she performed a simple experiment using a toddler-sized doll. Once she found out that the product wasn’t getting in the way of her attempts to rescue the “drowning” doll, she determined that it was actually a pretty cool gadget!


@SplashZen …. I was summoned, so let’s test this. #educationalpurposes #laurenthemortician Use c0de “LAUREN” to save so i can help a mom in need, this has been so heavy on my heart this past week: @JusticeforZaleAndSaxon @JusticeforZaleAndSaxon … #justiceforzaleandsaxon

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Although Lauren sometimes calls out specific parents on social media, it’s never to shame them. Rather, she just wants to educate others who might be picking up harmful advice from popular content. At the end of the day, she just wants everyone to know the risks that are out there!

Watch the video below to see her stance on this dad’s hazardous parenting tactic.


#stitch with @Jake&V [ Educational Content ] babies do not belong on lawnmowers. Listen to your wife… 😞 #educationalpurposes #childsafety #laurenthemortician #parents #fy

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