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Silly Series: Catch These Pups Trying To Overcome A Clever Obstacle.

One dog jumps through an obstacle while another is too scared.

Nothing can keep these intrepid dogs from getting where they’re going — that is, once they figure out how to get past the tape. Dogtopia, a boarding facility, recently shared footage of a hilarious challenge they presented to some of their four-legged friends. Using painter’s tape to block the doorway, employees released the canines one at a time to see who could get past the simple obstacle. The results were too funny!

Some dogs quickly figured out that they could slide underneath the barrier with no problem, while others took a more aggressive approach and burst through the tape with sheer force. A few cautious pups carefully paused to weigh their options before choosing a path. One poor, confused pooch didn’t even try to get through the doorway!

A black dog stops in the doorway, which is covered with tape.
Screengrab from DogtopiaofCityLine/TikTok

Commenters loved the silly challenge, and one user even offered a more positive interpretation of the most skittish dog’s reaction.

“The poodle was very smart and understood boundaries lol,” they wrote.

Watch the video below to see these dogs outsmart this “escape room.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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