This Kiwi Bird Sounds Like A Miniature T-Rex – You Won’t Believe Your Ears.

kiwi bird singing

New Zealand is a country full of absolutely amazing creatures never seen in the United States. One of those creatures is the kiwi bird — but these birds come with a twist. The kiwi bird sounds like a T-rex!

These flightless birds are pretty adorable, but the dinosaur noises that kiwis make can be a little unsettling!

kiwi bird
This image is from Facebook.

This is the call of the kiwi bird, which is generally put off at night.

“Kiwi call at night to mark their territory and stay in touch with their mates,” posted Roar Wildlife News. “The best time to listen for a kiwi calling is on a moonless night, up to two hours after dark, and just before dawn. That’s when kiwi stir from their burrows and call to make contact with their partner or family, and to mark their territory.”

This kiwi was certainly making an impact with their howl!

“Wow, it’s as shocking as the Koala…the big sounds out of these cute creatures…nature is amazing,” commented one viewer of the clip.

“That was unexpected,” said another.

Check out the video for yourself. These sounds are amazing!

The featured image for this post is from Facebook.

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