Dramatic Dog Moans Loudly Anytime Owner Is On The Phone.

Image shows a woman on the phone in the left panel while her dog is moaning. The right panel is a close up of the dog.

When a dog mom turns to TikTok followers for advice, the response is off the hook! Let’s start at the beginning. The original request was about her dog moaning whenever anyone was on the phone. Honestly, it’s a pretty hilarious problem to have. Wally (the dog) didn’t like it when his people were on the phone.


dog moans when owner is on the phone
Image from TikTok.

The response to the inquiry was fueled by the additional statement under the plea: “Wrong answers are welcome as well.” We are not animal specialists, so we cannot know which answers are tongue-in-cheek and which are truly helpful. However, the result was hilarious either way.

comments on video where dog moans when owner is on the phone
Image from TikTok.

There are almost 2,000 responses to the initial inquiry about her dog moaning. Some people seem genuinely trying to help her understand the dog. Other answers are just people being goofy. They are guaranteed to make you belly laugh!

Wally seems opinionated and concerned that the voice in the little box is a threat. We’ve all had that special pet that just wants to be the center of attention all day every day. Please share this with your friends so they can have fun, too!


Wrong answers are welcome as well

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