Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal Surprises 16-Year-Old Struggling To Find Size 23 Shoes With Incredible Gift

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This Missouri teenager had big shoes to fill, but Shaq came through with a generous gift that made all the difference.

With size 23 feet, Jor’el Bolden has some difficulty finding shoes that fit. Stores don’t make them in his size, so he needs them custom-made — but custom shoes aren’t cheap!

His family took to GoFundMe to ask for help. They couldn’t pay for shoes that could fit Jor’el, but the Kansas City community came through.

In a short time, he’d raised over $11,000 to help get shoes that fit right. But after the news covered his story, Jor’el got a big gift he didn’t expect: a pair of shoes from Shaq!

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This image is from YouTube.

There’s no doubt that Shaq is familiar with the challenges that come with custom-made big shoes. Shaq’s feet are a size 22, so he’s no stranger to the need.

He sent Jor’el a pair of awesome shoes that fit just right. What a profound act of generosity!

Viewers of the story were affected by Shaq’s generosity, but even more so by this teen’s thankfulness.

“I really needed this story. Thanks. What a wonderful young man. Not many teens know how to be thankful. Love this,” commented one viewer.

Shaq came through with the shoes, and we couldn’t be happier for this teen.

The featured image for this post is from YouTube.

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