This Hippo Enjoying A Peaceful Fish Spa Is Making Us Jealous

An underwater hippo surrounded by small fish

Even the most relaxing spa day can’t compare to the luxurious treatment this hippo at the San Antonio Zoo received courtesy of some fish friends! An adorable video shows a Nile hippopotamus named Timothy enjoying some underwater me-time. While the animal dozed off, dozens of African Cichlid fish nibbled away any dead skin clinging to him. What a rejuvenating spa experience!

Of course, these fish at the San Antonio Zoo don’t just help Timothy the hippo with his skincare regimen. They often also clean his teeth! According to KFFX, the little critters pick out any stubborn pieces of food stuck in the larger animal’s mouth.

Honestly, being a hippo sounds pretty great. Not only does Timothy get free spa treatments from fish, but he’s able to spend 16 hours per day napping! That sounds like the life, doesn’t it?

If you’re wondering how this hippo can fall asleep underwater, KFFX explains. Apparently, these creatures can hold their breath for five minutes at a time. When they need to come up for air, their body does it automatically without forcing them awake!

a hippo in the water

Glen Michaelsen via Unsplash

Hippos certainly are fascinating animals! We just have one question for Timothy. Can we get a turn in the fish spa?

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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