This Fisherman’s Catch Of The Day? A Kangaroo Stranded In The Ocean.

kangaroo rescue

What’s the last thing you’d expect to reel in while out on a fishing boat? A kangaroo! But that’s precisely what one fisherman encountered while out on his vessel. 


kangaroo fishing boat

Kangala Wildlife Rescue received a call from said fisherman, who was heading back to shore to deliver the exhausted animal into their care. The trouble was, the kangaroo was beginning to wake up… and you certainly don’t want an angry kangaroo bouncing around your boat! 

Rescuers had to act quickly to sedate the roo, and then transport it back to their wildlife center to evaluate its health. 


Todays emergency rescue of a adult kangaroo that was found in the ocean, by a fisherman.🐠 No two rescues are the same but some are more unique than others, check out our very interesting day 😁 For anyone that would like to support our rescue work, link is in our bio.😘🫶 #animalrescue #wildlife #wildliferescue #kangaroo #australia #kangarooisland #volunteers #animallovers

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Once the rescuer arrived at the vet, they did a physical exam and administered fluids to rehydrate the kangaroo. The kangaroo, who they discovered was male, also needed to be re-heated to a normal temperature. 

From there, they could only allow the little guy to rest and hope for the best. 


Kangaroo rescued by fisherman out at sea Pt 2. 💚🦘💚 If youd like to support our rescue work, link is in our bio. #wildliferescue #animalrescue #kangaroo #wildlife #australia #rescued #fyp

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Luckily, with some fluids and rest, the roo quickly regained his strength. The rescuers returned to an area close to where he was found in the water to release him. By releasing him near the location where he was found, the rescuers give the roo the best chance at finding his group, also known as a mob. 

Using a specialized bag to contain him, they waited patiently until he woke up from a sedative they had administered during transport. 

In a final show of his amazing recovery, the kangaroo dashed out of the bag and to freedom without even a second glance! Don’t blink, you might just miss it!


RELEASE DAY!!!🎉 The Kangaroo that was found fighting for his life in the ocean & rescued by a kind fisherman has had an incredible recovery, one that we thought he wouldn’t survive due to the cold, stress & shock his poor body went through.😢 But we a so excited to say he has had the ok from the local KI vets and is now happy enjoying his life back in the wild.💚🦘💚 Thank you so much to everyone that supports our rescue work, without your amazing support & kindness we wouldn’t be able to rescue and treat them in the first place. Much love 🫶♥️ Link is in our profile if anyone would like to help support 💚 #wildliferescue #animalrescue #kangaroo #kangaroosoftiktok #rescued #animallovers #wildlife

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Thanks to the dedication of one fisherman, the hard work of the wildlife rescue, and some time and luck, this little roo had a second chance at a happy life. 

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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