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Man Who Didn’t Want A Dog Forms Sweetest Bond With Deaf Pup.

Image of Poundcake the deaf dog sitting in a patio chair

Offering sanctuary to a disabled pup can be life-changing for the dog and the owners. When James Coburn fell in love with the deaf pup Poundcake on an animal adoption website, he wasn’t looking to expand his family. In fact, he was against getting any type of a dog, telling the Dodo

“We just live a very active lifestyle, and my thought was that adopting a dog would keep us at home, hold us back and prevent us from doing what we loved … I thought I wasn’t capable of giving them a fulfilling life.”

Poundcake and a friend on National Rescue Dog day.
Image from Instagram.

Poundcake was only 8 months old when Coburn spotted him on the adoption site in 2021. Although his wife Leah wanted a dog, Coburn was against the idea. But the sight of Poundcake changed all that in an instant.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like dogs. He and his wife had dogs during their childhood years. So one look at Poundcake was all it took. Without discussing it with Leah, James completed the adoption application that same evening. The rest is history.

Settling into his new home took some tender love from his new puppy parents, but Poundcake adjusted. He became best friends with the neighbor’s pet, Dunkin. When Dunkin’s family moved away, Poundcake experienced some depression. Playdates happened, but it just wasn’t the same.

In an effort to help him, Poundcake’s parents adopted another deaf dog, Milkshake. Coming from an uncertain background, it took a while for her to settle in, but she and Poundcake are now besties. The Coburns take the deaf duo on many adventures, and the dogs fit well into an active lifestyle.

Image from Instagram.

If you visit Coburn’s Instagram page, you can join the family in their travels around the globe. They have visited several different countries and done a lot of traveling around the US.

Birthday parties for each pup happen every year in the Coburn household. They also get Christmas gifts and are generally treated like royalty (as they should be).

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