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This Delta Employee Received A 1-Star Review — Now, She’s Crying Tears Of Joy.

A woman puts a hand to her face as she cries. Another woman stands next to her, placing a hand on the crying woman's shoulder. A handful of people are gathered in the background watching.

Accepting that we all make mistakes is an important life lesson for everyone. This can look like forgiving ourselves for what we did and letting go… but for Samantha Brown, this was not one of those times. A frequent flyer on Delta Air Lines, Samantha had made a mistake when booking a flight. Luckily, all it took was one call with a Customer Service Representative, Julie, to get everything fixed.

When prompted to give feedback on her interaction with Julie, this satisfied customer was more than happy to give her rave reviews. What ended up happening, though, was a misclick that made it seem as though Samantha only wanted to give her one star. Mortified by how this could affect Julie, she took to TikTok to make things right.


Oct 3 6:45am.her name Julie. She is a Five!

♬ original sound – Samantha Brown

In no time, Samantha’s video blew up, even catching the attention of Julie’s husband.

“That was my wife you spoke with this morning,” Greg Heinisch wrote. “She’s definitely a five!! She’s glad she was able to help. She understands as well, mistakes happen.”

Soon after, Delta themselves contacted Samantha and together they created a plan to celebrate Julie. With a flight already planned, Samantha made an extra stop in Atlanta where a party was put together by Julie’s managers and co-workers.

Julie had absolutely no idea this was happening, something that was clear the moment she walked in the room and started to cry.

@samanthabrowntravels It was a great day! #julieisafive #customerservice #beinghuman ♬ original sound – Samantha Brown

There’s lots of reasons why I adore the way things turned out, but I think the following words from Samantha best explains why stories like these matter.

“Why is any of this important?” Samantha said. “Because humans are. That’s the lesson: Being human is important.”

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