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This Blankie-Loving Dobermann Is Anything But “Scary.” He’s Just Cozy!

An adorable Doberman cuddles with his blankie collection.

Dash may look like a guard dog, but don’t let yourself be fooled: this Dobermann just wants to cuddle with his favorite blankies! His owner, Leila Adams, loves to capture his cutest moments and post them on TikTok. Some of the pooch’s videos have gotten over a million views, and with good reason. They’re just plain adorable!

However, Leila has another important reason for posting videos of Dash online. She wants to challenge the stereotype that Dobermanns are violent or unsafe.

“There are a lot of misconceptions about them being inherently dangerous, which just aren’t true,” said Leila, according to The Dodo. “We shouldn’t judge a dog based on the breed, but rather by the way the dog actually behaves.”

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Not only is Dash harmless, but his personality is as sweet as can be! Leila says that all he wants is to be cozy and feel loved.

“Dash is truly just a giant baby,” she explained. “I think he loves the blankets because he loves to be comfy. That’s really what it comes down to. If he’s not being cuddled or shown affection, I think being swaddled in a blanket is the next best thing for him.”

Leila’s dogs, Dash and his best buddy Thor, have quite an impressive array of adorable blankets around the house. Most of them are soft and fleecy, and some are shaped like other critters like dinosaurs or unicorns. Both canines like to cuddle up under the covers, but Dash especially loves his blankie time.

“It melts my heart,” the dog owner gushed. “Mainly because he looks so at peace and relaxed, but also because it makes me happy to know that we can provide these small luxuries to our dogs and really give them the best life we can.”

Watch the video below to see Dash getting cozy with his blanket collection!

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