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Baby Owls Will Get To Soar Thanks To Rescuers From Arizona Wildlife Resource.

A nest of baby owls and eggs was found on a cliff.

A rocky ledge next to a body of water isn’t the best place for baby birds. That’s why, when a nest of owl eggs and hatchlings was found in a popular diving spot next to Salt River, Arizona Wildlife Resource staged a rescue! Founder Valerie Motyka recently posted a short series of videos on TikTok detailing the re-nesting mission. She pointed out that the current nest was in a terrible place for learning to fly!


Hands down one of the best rescue i have been ablr to be a part of. I got to hangnout with law enforcement, hot forrest service men, a new rock climbing rescue friend and the owls are hatching and doing well. #saltrivertubing #saltriver #wildliferescue #wildlifeconservation #saltriverhorses #usfws #forrestservice

♬ original sound – PalomaPalace

Although most of the eggs hadn’t hatched yet, there were already two adorable babies. To transport the owlets, the rescue team gently placed them in a towel inside a large bucket. Valerie said that they were “one and two days old” respectively. She expected the others to hatch soon, as well, noting that they would likely do so one at a time over the course of several days.

“There were multiple people and organizations worried about these owls,” Valerie told The Dodo. “It was nice to see the community and government organizations join together to help them.”

Watch the video below to see part two of the rescue!


So happy to be part of this rescue.. but i’ll be even happier when I can set them up with better nesing. Were asking the forrest service if yhey would like to put nesting barrels around their ranger stations for habitat reatoration and free rodent control. I love my job! Thanks to everuone trhat madr this possible. #saltrivertubing #saltriverhorses #saltriver #barnowl #usfws #usfs #azwilderness #wildlifeconservation #wildliferescue #ipm

♬ original sound – PalomaPalace

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