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This 10-Yr-Old’s Lemonade Stand Is Turning Her Into Quite The (Little) Businesswoman.

Naivy Bloxson's lemonade stand is very popular in her community.

When 10-year-old Naivy Bloxson and her siblings first started their lemonade stand in Fort Wayne, Indiana, they just wanted to earn enough money to help their mom buy school supplies and clothing. Now, the kids are able to buy the fun items they want with their extra profits! Plus, they’re learning valuable business and social skills while operating the stand. Their mom believes that this experience will help them in the long run.

Naivy Bloxson running the lemonade stand that she owns.
Video screengrab from WPTA

“It’s so awesome, I work in a school, so I know how important those things are, learning, counting money, interacting with people you know all of those things are such great assets to have when they get older,” Danielle Bloxson told local news outlet WPTA.

She added, “I get them all the things they need and want really, but it gives them the chance to spend the money that they want to spend on what they want.”

Naivy’s stand has become a fixture in the community, selling a variety of lemonade flavors and snacks. Her hashtag for the business is #BestLemonadeinthe08. Even the local police and fire departments make it a point to stop by and grab some refreshments!

Naivy Bloxson's lemonade stand is very popular in her community.
Video screengrab from WPTA

“It’s really good because I get to meet a lot of new people every day. So it gives me more confidence in doing the lemonade stand,” Naivy said, according to NBC 5. She also agreed that she’s picking up valuable skills from running the stand, “like learning how to count money better and learning how it would be like to have my own business when I’m older.”

Although Danielle originally purchased the stand for Naivy, the middle-schooler has since paid back every cent with her own earnings. The proud mom is glad to see her kids having fun while learning financial responsibility.

“It gives them the sense of, you know, having money and what the value of money is, which I think is important, too,” she said.

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