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Mystery Letters In Rabbit Hole Addressed To “Miss Jane” Are Discovered By Utility Worker.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a small brown and white rabbit looks curiously into a rabbit hole. The second shows letters found by Sean Kennedy that are addressed to a person named Jane.

You never know what you’ll discover if you stop and look around every once in a while. Sean Kennedy, a gas lead engineer in Norfolk, England, does this often while out on the job. While he usually doesn’t find anything particularly out of the ordinary, that wasn’t the case earlier this week.

The 39 year old was working, as usual, while next to a busy roadside. Nearby was a rabbit hole, which caught his eye. Upon closer inspection, it appeared that a letter had been placed inside. But when he picked the letter up, he realized that there were actually three in total.

A small brown and white rabbit looks curiously into a rabbit hole.
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“You find the odd funny thing, but the majority is rubbish – this threw me,” he said.

It would make sense to assume that these letters were picked up by the wind or taken by animals in order to arrive at such an unusual location, but Sean is certain that isn’t possible.

“If it was an animal that had put them there they would be more scattered – these three letters were together,” Sean explained. “They’d been placed there… there was nothing scandalous, just ordinary letters.”

It appears the letters were simply a way for the sender to catch up with the recipient, though there’s no way of knowing if the conversation was with a relative, friend, or a pen pal. In fact, the name of the sender is illegible.

What we do know is that the letters were addressed to “Miss Jane” in York for the letter postmarked in 1976 and from Cambridgeshire and Kent in 1982.

In an effort to solve this mystery and return the letters to their rightful owners, Sean shared details of his find, along with images, in a local Facebook group. Although many have shared it, and the story of Sean’s find continues to find new folks, no one has come forward to claim them.

Sean acknowledges that the folks involved with these letters may no longer be alive, but he still thinks thinks it’s worth a shot and is happy to keep them safe in the meanwhile.

“I’ll be happy to hand them over… it’s a mystery which is unresolved at the moment,” Sean said.

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