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This 10-Yr-Old Is Baking For A Cause And His Skills Take The Cake.

10 year old joaquín nahuel smiling and posing at a table with a pink cake he made along with give boxes containing other baked goods he has made

Joaquín Nahuel’s road to recovery has been long and uncertain, but he’s managed to find a way to utilize his talent and passion for baking to help him in ways he never could have imagined.

Three years ago, a then-7-year-old Joaquín was celebrating a very special occasion with his family. He was having a great time playing with his brother, but things quickly became dangerous.

“I was playing with my brother, it was my mother’s birthday,” Joaquín said, “we took the alcohol and threw it on the grill and we both caught fire.”

Although there wasn’t an active fire on the grill, the alcohol reached some embers which caused the accident. They were both injured, but Joaquín’s injuries were more severe, leaving him with 25% of his body burned. The worst of it was on his arms, neck, and face.

Even though years have passed since the accident, the scars from Joaquín’s injuries are still an issue. Thankfully, facial reconstruction is an option, but there’s still one problem – the cost. He’ll need four skin expanders that cost $500 each for a grand total of $2,000. Plus, that only covers the burns on his face.

Determined to find a way to help his family raise money, Joaquín turned to baking, a hobby he picked up thanks to his grandfather, who taught him how to make pastries and cakes. Joaquín only began his venture into the baking world a few months ago, baking his very first cake in July 2021, but he’s already killing it!

In just five months, he’s already expanded to making donuts, mini-cakes, and muffins. Joaquín shares his yummy creations on his social media, and people were quick to take notice. On Instagram alone, he already has over 200,000 followers!

Joaquín has even managed to catch the attention of an Argentinian fútbol team, the Boca Juniors. The 10 year old may have been a bit nervous to deliver a cake to such a popular group, but, needless to say, they couldn’t have loved Joaquín and his cake more!

“I hope you enjoyed it,” Joaquín said, “and if not, I promise the next one will be better.”

We’re sure the Boca Juniors loved Joaquín’s baking, and so do we! His work ethic and determination warm our hearts.

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