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This “1 Out Of 30,000” Albino Crow Can’t Fly… So She’s Now A Wildlife Center’s Special Ambassador!

A rare albino crow has become a bird ambassador for a wildlife center.

A rare albino crow with a disability has found a permanent home, and she’s fitting right in! Connecticut wildlife center A Place Called Hope first shared the news of their unique new resident on Facebook. Unlike most crows, this little fledging has white feathers and pink eyes. In their post, the center explained what causes this phenomenon – and just how rare it is!

“According to experts, an albino crow is 1 out of 30,000. So VERY rare!” wrote A Place Called Hope, adding, “Albinism = genetic mutation that inhibits the body’s production of melanin resulting in a white and pink coloration.”

A baby albino crow hangs out with friends at her new home.
A Place Called Hope/Facebook

Sadly, this baby crow won’t be flying free any time soon. After performing a series of tests, the wildlife center found that the bird had sustained a wing injury. They also discovered that her eyesight was less than optimal. Because of these disabilities, they realized that release would not be the best option for her.

Instead, A Place Called Hope decided to keep the crow as an “ambassador bird” to help others learn more about the environment. So far, they’re happy to report that “the bird is thriving.” While have yet to give the fledgling a name, they’ve promised to choose something meaningful.

A rare albino crow has become a bird ambassador for a wildlife center.
A Place Called Hope/Facebook

“We understand how special she is and feel so blessed to have her as part of our flock,” the wildlife center explained to FOX 10. “We look forward to all she will teach us and will strive to provide her with the best captive lifestyle we can offer. We consider her a special messenger from the universe letting us know that we are doing right by these birds.” 

According to their Facebook post, A Place Called Hope considers the crow’s arrival to be a good sign.

A close-up of a super rare albino crow fledgling.
A Place Called Hope/Facebook

“We are extremely honored to be blessed by this rarity,” they wrote. “And consider this bird to be a sacred symbolic messenger of trust, purification, healing, honesty, purity, clear vision, and overall good fortune. A Place Called Hope resonates with this message.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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