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Think You Know Adam Sandler? Here Are 10 Facts That Will Surprise You.

Adam Sandler

Recently, Adam Sandler made headlines for his heartwarming kindness towards his co-star Jennifer Aniston. Curious? You can read all about it in our previous story. But wait — there’s more to Sandler than meets the eye.

Adam Sandler isn’t just another Hollywood name. He’s a legend with layers, and we’ve dug deep to find some surprising, interesting, and inspiring facts about him that you won’t see coming.

1. From Stand-Up to Stardom: Before he was making you laugh in movies, Adam Sandler was cracking jokes on a stand-up stage.

2. Roomies with Apatow: A $900/month apartment and two future Hollywood heavyweights? Yep, Adam Sandler and Judd Apatow were roommates!

3. Cupid Schneider: Cupid’s arrow came from Rob Schneider when he introduced Adam Sandler to his future wife, Jackie Sandler.

4. A Heart of Gold: Sandler supports 19 charities and foundations. Generosity, anyone?

5. NYU’s Finest: The Tisch School of Arts lists him as a “noted alumni,” but did you know Sandler was also an NYU Resident Assistant?

6. An Oscar Juror: Surprise! As of 2015, Sandler has been deciding who takes home those golden statues

7. The Shy Comedian: Even after SNL and stand-up gigs, Sandler still gets a case of the jitters on stage.

8. Family Cameo: In “Hotel Transylvania,” Sandler’s real-life wife and daughter voice his animated family — talk about a family affair!

9. Platinum Funny Man: His 1993 comedy album, “They’re All Gonna Laugh At You,” didn’t just make people laugh — it went double platinum and snagged a Grammy nomination!

10. A Friend in Sandler: True friendship lasts, especially if you’re in Sandler’s inner circle. He’s recast some pals in as many as 15 films!

So, the next time you see Adam Sandler cracking a joke on screen or hear about his latest act of kindness, remember — this man is a treasure trove of talents and surprises.

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