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Man Searching For “Angel” Airline Worker Who Unknowingly Saved His Life.

View of an Air Canada plane that is just barely taking off the ground, the nose of the plane aiming toward the sky.

On June 2, the Kelowna International Airport was a place of chaos. There were several, company-wide technical issues, something that caused flights all across the country to be grounded. As you can imagine, a busy airport at 4 a.m. that’s full of stranded customers is not a great place to be, no matter if you’re one of the customers or an employee.

Gerry Wagner was one of the folks in need of a new flight. He was in town for work, and he wanted to get back home to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania soon. Much to his surprise, an Air Canada employee was able to pull off a miracle.

View from inside an airport. From this view, we see the outside where a plane is on the ground.
Wikimedia Commons

The Airline “Angel”

With time and effort, this airline worker created an entirely new itinerary for Gerry, giving him new flights and connecting cities. In doing so, she was able to get him back home at his originally scheduled time.

But that isn’t the most amazing part — the next morning, Gerry woke up feeling poorly. His wife was out of town, so he eventually told his neighbors how he felt. They urged him to call 911. He did, and he did so just in time.

Turns out, Gerry experienced a heart attack known as the “widow maker.” But because he made it to the hospital in time, his life was saved within minutes.

“So many things had to go perfectly right… I would have died on an airplane or in a hotel room,” Gerry shared.

Close up of Gerry Wagner smiling as he talks.

Now, Gerry is on a mission to find the kind Air Canada employee who unknowingly saved his life. He didn’t catch her name but, for now, he refers to her as his “angel.” He’s reached out to the company multiple times but has had no luck so far.

“They don’t know how to take a compliment,” Gerry joked.

Hopefully, Gerry is able to get in contact with his “angel” soon. Either way, it’s nice to see that she’s already getting recognized for her life-saving help!

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