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These Super Spooky Pets Dressed As Ghosts Are So Adorable They’ll Haunt You!

dogs dressed as ghosts

The sheet ghost is a Halloween classic. Simple yet adorable, they are always a pleasure to spot. But when you add in the element of adorable pets, you simply can’t get much cuter than that! 

These pets are just so adorable that you’ll be haunted by their cuteness!

1. Spooktacular Photoshoot

What better way to snap some beautiful photos of fall scenery and fallen leaves than by including your pup! Add in some sheets, pairs of sunglasses, and you have a perfectly precious photoshoot at hand… er, paw?

2. Purrfectly Spooky

Now you can’t let dogs have all the fun! This little kitty topped off the black cat motif with a well-placed version of a sheet ghost! I like the added touch of using cheesecloth to get a more transparent look. 

3. Super Spooky Ghost Sighting

This video really challenges anyone who doesn’t believe in ghosts, stating “If ghosts aren’t real then explain this,” before panning over to a terrifically terrifying ghost on a swing. A true must-see. 

4. A Pair Of Perfect Ghost Pups

Ok, now we’ve added a puppy to the equation, and I genuinely can’t get over how cute this is. No other commentary, you just have to see it to truly understand. 

5. Fluffy And Spooky… A Perfect Combo

This adorably fluffy and white pup already looks a bit ghost-like before we even don our sheets! This precious photoshoot also brings a classic orange pumpkin candy bucket into the equation for a little nostalgia punch. Perfection!

There’s something so precious about a good costume with your pet, and all those adorable ghost photoshoots really just add to the magic! The best part is those pet owners will have those photos to look back on forever. I’m just happy they’ve shared some of that adorable fall magic with us!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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