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These Hilarious DoorDash Interactions Will Make You Decide To Just Cook Instead!

funny doordash interactions

Sometimes you’re too tired, too busy, or even too cozy to go out and get your own food. That’s when services like DoorDash that offer delivery sound pretty tempting! However, as anyone who has ordered from or worked for this kind of company can tell you, DoorDash interactions don’t always go as planned. From meal mix-ups to awkward interactions, sometimes asking a stranger to come to your house with food is exactly as weird as it sounds!

Of course, a DoorDash order gone wrong can also make for an excellent story. Is avoiding the risk of a mishap really worth giving up the convenience of food delivery? Maybe you should listen to the following stories about DoorDash interactions and decide for yourself!

1. They could have at least used a plate.


shoutout to my dasher for getting me a refund and fighting for my honor tho

♬ Ludwig Van Beethoven On Tour – SBH💫

2. Who knew that Rapunzel ordered takeout?

3. I mean, most people prefer a monetary tip…

4. Now that’s a no-contact delivery!

5. Well, it doesn’t hurt to be polite.

Ok, the odds of someone taking a bite out of your food are pretty slim, so it’s probably not time to cancel your delivery subscriptions just yet. You should remember to always tip your drivers, though!

You can find the source of this story’s featured images here and here.

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