These 6 Doggone Pups Just Cannot Stay Out Of Trouble No Matter How Much They “Try.”

A two-photo collage. The first shows a close up as a human hand gently grabs the face of a husky who seems to have something on his face like he's just eaten. The second photo shows a dog sneaking up behind a man outside. There's plates of food and drinks on the ground. The dog has a slice of pizza in their mouth and is starting to carry it away.

Dogs are known for being our most loyal companions — but that doesn’t mean they don’t test our patience every once in a while. Like any other kind of pet, pups can often be found doing things even they know they shouldn’t. That being said, this is true for some dogs more than others. If you have a dog who always seems to be getting in trouble, you know exactly what I mean!


Still, no matter how much trouble they find themselves in they still manage to be too cute to stay mad at. Well, at least not for very long. Keep scrolling to see some of my favorite mischievous dogs as shared by their humans on social media.

1. Kevin’s crime is being the sneakiest pup around. And is that so bad, really?

@agoldennamedkevin Sneaky Kevin #goldenretriever #factsaboutme #sneakydoggo ♬ Sneaky Snitch – Kevin MacLeod

2. When these dogs get in trouble, they really go all out!

@rosavianney99 they chewed up all our toilet paper! 😭 #fyp #foryou #doggy #dogsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Rosa Vianney Barraza

3. Despite his name, Sherlock wasn’t quite clever enough to get away with his thievery. I don’t think he cares, though.

@sled_dog Chair of “My Germs” #chairofgreetings #sherlockthehusky #aww #cute #mischief #funny #husky #lol #humor #mygerms #dog #huskiesoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #comedy #adorable #cutenessoverloaded #beingbad #silly #lovable #finderskeepers ♬ original sound – Sherlock & Brigid Husky

4. What else were they supposed to do when that yummy slice of pizza was right there!?

@ladbiblenz 'Hey, he stole that guys pizza!' 🍕🤣 #funny #animals #dogs ♬ original sound – LADbible New Zealand

5. I’m sure this is frustrating for the dog’s human, but can we take a moment to acknowledge just how clever she is for this?

“This is why I can’t leave things on my bedside table,” her owner writes. “She has gotten jealous of my contact cases since she was a little puppy. They are the first thing I touch in the morning, and so she gets mad and chews them up.”

@juniper_jumps #australianshepherd #dog #dogsoftiktok #cute #mischief #silly #dogmom #2023 #fyp ♬ original sound – Juniper

6. How was this dog supposed to know they’d get in trouble for trying on their human’s clothes? They never explicitly said they couldn’t!

@lizzbethjean #sillydog #funny #mischief #cutedog ♬ Funny Song – Funny Song Studio & Sounds Reel

I’m convinced that some dogs continuously get into trouble because they recognize they’re cute enough to get away with it. And you know what? I respect that. They’re certainly not wrong!

You can find the sources of this story’s featured image here and here!

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