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15 Dogs Who Got Shamed For Their Hilarious Crimes Against Humanity

dogs being shamed for their crimes.

If you’ve ever lived with a dog, at some point in time you’ve probably come home to something unpleasant. Maybe it was a messy bathroom incident on the wall-to-wall carpet, or perhaps they chewed up just one shoe out of your favorite pair. It happens! No matter how well-behaved and trained dogs get, they still have moments when they can’t contain their inner wild animal.

For many years, people have shared these moments on a Twitter page called Dog Shaming. People simply snap a photo of their dog looking sufficiently guilty about their crimes and write a note explaining what the animal did to deserve shaming The resulting posts are incredibly relatable for dog lovers! Below, meet a few very naughty pooches who regret their actions, but not so much that they’ll stop the behavior. Let’s not be hasty!

1. Not everyone is good at school, and that’s okay.

tweet says "I have been kicked out of doggy daycare, twice"

2. Is her fur always that curly, or was this a truly shocking experience?

tweet says "Facebook reader Lynne sent us this wonderfully hilarious picture of her pup, Autumn. Maybe she knew that it gets darker during daylight savings? "

3. Get this dog a prize! Maybe a new dog bed?

tweet says "New Record!! Biggest mess made while destroying my bed! "

4. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

tweet says "I’m only allowed on the sheet."

5. Mmm… delicious tin cans.

6. That was very considerate of them.

7. What else was he supposed to do, NOT chew the window sill? Where’s the fun in that?

8. It was a real page-ripper. Er, turner.

9. On the bright side, we have always wanted a pool.

10. The buyer balked at the handwritten replacement title they offered, for some reason.

11. Those volume buttons are so crunchy!

tasty remotes - my big college brother came home

12. Look at that face! She would do it again in a heartbeat.

13. No problem! Just jump in a plane and fly across the sea to get a new one. Easy-peasy.

14. The parts closest to the ground, presumably.

15. And finally… NO REGRETS. Zero.

It’s a good thing these pups are cute, right? It’s a very good thing that no matter what they do, we will love them anyway.

You can find the sources of this article’s featured image here and here!

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