There’s a Pothole In Michigan So Big, It’s Become A Local Celebrity.

woman sitting in chair in pothole

Potholes are generally a nuisance, causing damage to cars whipping through streets. Michigan has iconically terrible potholes, so its residents are no strangers to the occurrence. However, this pothole in Grand Haven is so big that its neighbors have made a meme out of it!

One day, a resident realized an entire recliner could fit within the pothole. They realized that fact by placing a recliner, literally, inside it. From there, a hilarious joke was born.

chair sitting in pothole
This image is from YouTube.

Michigan residents began to bring things to the pothole to help make the spot more cozy. They brought stereos, more chairs, a Christmas tree, and of course, some traffic cones to bring awareness to the random living room in the middle of the road.

Once Cory Denny posted the joke to Facebook, people began to come to play more jokes at the pothole. Some brought Barbies, others brought duckies. Chaos ensued.

Grand Haven Public Works responded, noting that the road is private property. However, they’re intending to connect with the owners and improve the condition of the road if granted permission. These hilarious pothole memes had a purpose!

If you’re heading to the Grand Haven Applebee’s, you’re sure to see this crazy pothole. Pull over and take a picture before the city fills in the hole.

The featured image for this post is from YouTube.

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