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There’s A Moose In Your Hoose! Rescuers Save 500-Lb Baby Stuck In Home’s Basement.

firefighters rescue baby moose from home's basement

As far as stories go, this might be the most “Alaskan” one we’ve ever heard.

Apparently, having a moose get stuck inside your home is something that happens periodically if you live near Anchorage, Alaska. Regardless of how common it may be, Kenai Peninsula firefighters were surprised when a call came in requesting their help to remove a 500-pound baby moose from the basement of a nearby home.

“It’s not as rare as you think that the moose makes it inside of a home,” said Alaska Wildlife Trooper Joseph Morris.

Joseph was one of the experts called to the scene, along with six members of the Kenai Peninsula fire department. Once there, they quickly determined that a 1-year-old bull moose weighing “only” about 500-pounds was nibbling on some foliage near the window when he fell in, breaking the window and landing one story down in the home’s basement.

A biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game was able to tranquilize the moose, which made him sedate but did not put him to sleep. As the firefighters filtered into the basement, the moose was alert but calm.

Firefighters put their heads together to come up with a way to transport the heavy animal out of the house, settling on using a stretcher intended for larger humans. It took six strong men to carry the moose out of the home.

“I can’t even believe it,” Kenai Peninsula firefighter Gunnar Romatz said of the unusual rescue.

“Luckily, he was conscious enough to honestly help us out a little bit,” Gunnar continued. “Luckily, it wasn’t a full-grown moose.”

While moose are commonplace in Alaska, being up close and personal with one is an experience even the most seasoned firefighters won’t soon forget.

“All the while, this moose is just picking its head up, and you’re two inches away from this moose, you know?” Gunnar said. “So we’re like, ‘How are you?’ And it just kind of looked at us, ‘Haven’t been in this situation before, you know.’ Us either!”

With the moose safely outside, a biologist administered an anti-sedative and the moose eventually hopped up and ran off into the woods. The rescuers were left with a doozy of a story, and we’re sure they love telling it!

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