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There’s A Frog In The Spinach! Critter’s Leafy Bed Causes Grocery Store Kerfuffle.

Frog found in organic spinach

We hear stories about finding a fly in the soup, but have you ever found a frog in your spinach? A recent grocery shopping trip became a wildlife safari for Amber Worrick of Southfield, Michigan. While unloading groceries, Amber’s daughter spotted the clueless frog in an unopened package of spinach. Amber’s daughter exclaimed: “Oh my god, it’s a frog.”

Once she recovered from her disbelief, Amber returned the still unopened package to Meijer. She got a full refund and now has a tale to tell for some fun laughs in the future. Employees at the store later released the frog near the store, but that might not have been a wise decision.

Organic Spinach container where the frog was found
Image from YouTube.

The frog is a Pacific Tree Frog. The species is native to the Pacific coastal region. According to information from the Burke Museum, the frog can change their skin color to blend into the environment. This chameleon-like attribute may have helped the little critter hitch a ride from the West Coast to the Midwest.

During an interview with the Detroit Free Press, a Michigan Department of Agricultural and Rural Development representative, Jennifer Holton stated that the store should not have released the frog. Because the frog is not native to Michigan, store employees should have sought advice from the appropriate agency. Officials are concerned that it might be an invasive species.

Meijer storefront where frog was found in spinach
Image from YouTube.

Officials from Taylor Farms, who owns Earthbound Farm, have apologized for the incident. They have opened an in-house investigation and promised to continue offering fresh, organic vegetables.

Taylor Farms adds, “Food safety and consumer experience are the top priorities for us and we are looking into how this happened and how this can be prevented in the future.”

Although we can laugh about this incident, it should also remind us to wash all fresh produce. Even when the package claims that the item was washed three times. Amber discovered that checking your purchases can ensure you’re not bringing home unwanted hitchhikers. 

Because everyone deserves a hoppy ending, we hope this froggo enjoys their new residence and doesn’t cause further issues.

You can view the video report here:

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